Articles from June 2009

B means Blumarine

Delicate lines, graphics, beautiful leather inserts, diamond strass, innovative materials and original colours make unique the model of glasses Blumarine. A rather unusual collection can be immediately appreciated as a glamorous and luxurious. Sculpted forms with metal decorations and curved lines turn into tracery the letter “B”, the brand name. (more…)

Jean Reno frames collection were added to new models

The French group Socodeix decided to fight the surrounding depression by original way: it offers 11 new «crisis» models of its brands Jean Reno to infuse courage of consumers and make more colourful the windows of optical shops. (more…)

Air Optix Aqua, new contact lens from company CIBA Vision

Company CIBA Vision announced about a new issue of silicon-hydro gel lensesAir Optix ™ Aqua. These «breathing» contact lenses with high oxygen pass remain comfortable during long daily wear and don’t have negative action on the eyes. Lenses Air Optix Aqua from the first application gives a feeling of comfort, which does not loose during all time of wearing (up to 30 days), thanks to a new system of Aqua Moisture. This system includes three components. The first is a new lubricating agent, which makes the lens «Air Optix Aqua» such comfortable that after putting them you can not just feel. Second is the patented lens material «Air Optix Aqua» which maintains a high level of moistening and drying prevention of lenses. The third is a smooth polished surface specially designed for long wearing without the appearance of deposition. (more…)

Cut onions without tears in glasses Onion Goggles

Cutting onions is almost always accompanied by real torrents of tears. Cook cry and all who are near to him too. Somebody say that you can avoid tears if you use empiric remedies. But experts generally held views – eye irritation can be avoided only by wearing contact lenses or glasses. Company RSVP International -manufacturer of interesting and innovative devices for kitchen – produced such glasses. (more…)

To lose weight, you should wear … blue glasses

Specialists from Japan believe that the blue glasses are the perfect solution to the problem of loosing weight. The point is that food painted in blue tones does not cause acute attacks of appetite, and a person eats less than usual. Glasses with blue lenses have already been noted on some stars of Hollywood. (more…)

Pinhole glasses. Do the simulator glasses cure?

«Advertising over again! Pinhole glasses are the help of eyesight!  And what effect they have? Do they heal, as some advertisers confirm, such serious diseases as glaucoma, cataracts?”

It will be observed that over the years our vision is not getting better. Of course, you can joke, and say that you don’t see the wrinkles of the other person and garbage in the city. But when twenty minutes you can not pass the thread through the eye of the needle, you sacramental give promise to begin to train your eyes. For the training of eye muscles, newspapers and magazines propose to use pinhole glasses. Do they help us in fact? (more…)