Articles from August 2009

Poor eyesight may be a symptom of depression

The psychologists from the University of Tel Aviv during a series of experiments have shown that people prone to depression are having poor eyesight. The ophthalmology established inverse dependence – if their patients did not have glasses, they risk falling into a deep dejection. (more…)

Do you satisfactions by your lenses? Kindly say “yes” to clean and clear lenses.

 If take a look at last years, there is coming to a conclusion about the following: optic world was so far from good dirt – and water-repellent surfaces in that time. There were different versions for improving the quality of lenses on the choice of seller and buyer. But even the using of surface Clean Coat did not guarantee the clean and clear lenses in the way of application. (more…)

The eyes with TV cameras let to see something for blinds

The engineers of American company Second Sight found the opportunity to help people, which are suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. The result of such disease is blindness, because the retina became degraded and would not receptive to the light. The human brain saw the images through optic nerve, and it is not damage. This nerve gives the possibility to be using by implanted devices. (more…)

The American fetishist stole a $45 000 worth of glasses

The man from Illinois is accused of theft a more than $45 000 worth of glasses from the Milwaukee’s shops – the guy just like it, when he is accompanied by glasses. The charges were passing in three armed attacks and attempt escape from police officer to 38-year-old Jerry Lowery. The maximum penitentiary punishment for such crimes is more than 120 years and a $ 310 000 of mulctary punishment.

Prosecutors said that Lowery has visited three stores from April to July and taken 500 ultra-modern glasses from famous trade marks as Prada and Gucci. He didn’t take any cash.

There are Lowery’s quotations in legal documents about “real interest to bother with glasses”
He said investigators that he have a fitting under the mirror and then take off.

Tag Heuer has released a collection of sunglasses

The sunglasses are actively used not only by lovers of beach recreation, but also by the lovers of skiing – the dark lenses perfectly protect your eyes from the blinding sun reflected from the snow.

Specially for winter sport the famous watch brand Tag Heuer has released a new collection of sunglasses with special lenses changing colour (Photochromic Lenses). (more…)