You need eyeglasses or contact lenses? Do not rush to buy! Go to www.glasses-world.com. Perhaps you will find out many interesting advices!

www.glasses-world.com is an online magazine completely devoted to the problems of optical correction of vision. The visitors of our site are the people who prefer to gather all necessary professional information to talk to the sellers as an equal.

The particular attention is paid to glasses like fashion accessory. Here you can find the latest collections of frames and sunglasses of almost all international brands. In addition, we provide the regular reviews of the current trends of the optical modes.

For comfortable using, the site is divided into main sections: “Sunglasses”, “Sports glasses”, ‘’Frames glass lenses” and ” Contact lenses” Each section contains a basic information about the subject interesting and useful historical information, as well as the latest information about contemporary developments in optics.

We’re not trying to sell whatever, we just help you make the right choice.


  1. Kate Austill says:

    Where can I get the sunglasses TD 13435 by Tom Davies?

  2. Matt says:

    Hi, did you see the first glasses community: weloveglasses.com
    Pics can be voted and shared on facebook…

  3. Günter "Yogi" Lauke says:

    Pls NOTE: CAZAL = Cari Zalloni is NOT ITALIAN….his FATHER was – the Mother was from VIENNA!
    Cari was born august 20 – 1937 in Thessaloniki/GREECE! “75” next YEAR…DO NOT FORGET!
    He is AUSTRIAN – lives&works in GRAZ /Styria

    best regards from


  4. mehdi says:

    i am iraniyan i want frame glass optical what?

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